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Hello friend! We are the Reeds; a hubby/wife duo who love documenting moments in time through the camera lens. Our passion for photography began after we received the photos from our own wedding. Looking through those memories stirred such deep emotions in our hearts—our photographer told our day as a story, beautifully capturing our love for each other without making us feel uncomfortable or posed. She had given us one of the most precious gifts we could have ever asked for that day; one that will bring back those moments for the rest of our lives. Our heart is to give the same experience to you. Whether we are photographing senior portraits or your wedding day, our desire is to give you a storybook of memories. We are only given today, never guaranteed tomorrow and our lives are made up of constantly changing seasons. Photographs give us the ability to freeze a glimpse in time so when future seasons come, we can look back and experience once more the journeys we have been on. After the addition of our son, we found it more important than ever to make sure we continued to photograph the daily moments so that when he is older, he will have all the memories to look back on.


For this reason, we don't use a studio location with lots of backgrounds and lights, set up awkward poses, or ask you to look at the camera and smile for every photo. We will capture your list of focused portraits, but we believe that the best images we can capture are when you are are simply being yourself. We will give direction when needed, (we definitely understand how uncomfortable it can initially feel in front of a camera!) but rather than posing every minute of your session, we want you to feel relaxed in the moment and connected with what is going on around you. We desire to capture real emotions, ones that create those feelings again in your heart as you look back on the photographs you are given.

We believe that every couple, every person, every family has a story. That story is unique and beautiful and we love connecting with you as we learn about your adventures in life. We feel that the best way for us to capture who you are is to be personal. We love hearing your stories; the road you have been on to bring you to this chapter in your life. We aren't interested in simply showing up on a set day, clicking a few pictures and delivering them a few weeks later. If that's what you're looking for you, we are not the photographers for you. We want to give you an individual and personal collection of photographs that allow you to share that chapter of your lives through pictures for generations to come. We want to give you the memories to last a lifetime.

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